Welcome to Phonlab Smartphone Tech Course

Thank you for Choosing Phonlab as your Training Program for Certification as a Phonlab Smartphone Tech. We have the most comprehensive training program anywhere with over 300 video and learning guides designed to give you the skills necessary to get a Phonlab Smartphone Technician Certification. This program is software based only because the need for skilled software support techs, and is the future of repair. The skills you learn here at Phonlab will help you and your shop earn money and drive additional revenue with very little or no overhead. In other words, hardware repairs are becoming easier, and with the modular age is upon us it means a majority of hardware repair like screen replacement or other types or repairs will be done by the customer. The software support and security though on all smartphones and operating systems is getting more complex with every new update, that is why Phonlab skills are so important. Please watch every video guide and read every section so that you complete it. When you get to the end of the training and all of your classes are complete you will take your 100 question final exam for certification. We look forward to helping you here at Phonlab. As our way of saying thanks you can now get Android Developer or iOS Developer course for just $99.

MJ Nale

Creator and Founder