How to root a Pixel

Magisk Manager patching a boot image to root a Pixel device.

  1. Patch Boot Image
  2. Download files:
  3. Magisk Manager - Download to your phone
  4. The latest Stable/Beta Magisk Manager from Magisk by topjohnwu
  5. Install Magisk Manager
  6. Open Magisk Manager ==> Tap Menu ==> Settings ==> Update Channel ==> Set the channel to the channel that matches the Magisk Manager (Stable, Beta or Canary) you downloaded.
  7. Tap back and Press Install ==> Press Install again ==> Select Patch a File ==> Select the boot.img file you extracted from the latest factory image
  8. Magisk Manager will patch the boot.img and store the patched boot.img in the download folder.
  9. Copy the magisk_patched.img file to your computer's Platform-tools folder or the folder that has fastboot.exe in it.
  10. Boot fastboot mode
  11. Connect the phone to the Computer with USB cord.
  12. Open a Command Prompt in the folder you copied the magisk_patched.img to.
fastboot flash boot --slot all magisk_patched.img
  1. at the Prompt and press enter.
  2. Reboot System
  3. Important Note: If your phone boot loops: Flash the 'stock' boot.img to both slots:
fastboot flash boot --slot all boot.img

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