Samsung DeBranding firmware Conversion

Important info to remember when Debranding a Samsung devices.

  1. What Chipset is the device on Exynos or Qualcomm
  2. Whats is the device Model number example SM-J727A
  3. What is the deivce build number? Note: you can only flash device with a firmware that is equal to or greater then the build the device is currently on now.
  4. DeBranding a device will not carrier unlock it. Example if you flash the J727U unlocked firmware to the device it will still be Sim locked to the carrier IE ATT T-mobile and so on.
  5. Noramlly you want to flash the U firmware to DeBrand the device. The U1 for US S8 or Note 8 and above devices. If you have a Exynos device then the unlocked firmware is normally the F firmware. example SM-G965F

Userdata and CSC

Product Codes

TMB = T-Mobile

CCT = Xfinity Mobile

SPR = Sprint

USC = US Cellular

XAA = Unlocked

BMC = Bell Mobile

VMC = Virgin Mobile