5th Generation Mobile Service.

Understand 5G or 5th Generation cell signal and the verbiage used can be really confusing. I have lots of friends and family struggle with all the terms and what is really going on. Also lots of carriers and customer support people really do not understand it either. Lots of carrier customer services people tell me “the device you are trying to activate on our network is not supported” when I know for a fact that it is supported. The most important thing you should know about the so called new 5G networks and what devices that are going to be supported moving forward. Your device needs to have 4G VOLTE or better radios in it. This is the true cut off as many carriers are terminating their 3G networks to make room for the 5G network. The 3G network has always been used for making and receiving phone calls which is why 4G VOLTE is now required. Most carriers that are currently claiming 5G service are really offering 4G Advanced with Aggregation which takes multiple channels to give you the speed of 5G but is really not 5G NR.

5th Generation

  • 5G NR / New Radio
  • 5G is capable of download speeds range from 1,000-10,000Mbit/s but average about 200-500Mbit/s

4th Generation

  • 4G Advanced with aggregation
  • 4G VOLTE / Voice Over Long Term Evolution
  • 4G LTE / Long Term Evolution
  • 4G is capable of download speeds range from 150-979Mbit/s but average about 80Mbit/s

3rd Generation

  • 3G UMTS / Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems
  • 3G CDMA / Code Division Multiple Access
  • 3G is capable of download speeds range from 0.3-42Mbit/s but average about 4Mbit/s